Meals & Food 

A reminder that we offer couples nights,

Make your stay even better by ordering a meal or platter for you and your guests or enjoy all the complimentary food we have on offer.

My Mother, Jan, is an exceptional home cook so you can be guaranteed real, home made, delicious food (with help from her less exceptional but keen to learn daughter, me!)

And of course everything is made from scratch, from the sourdough at breaky to the chutney on your platter!

For breakfast create your own delicious bowl from all the goodies provided (dry roasted muesli, yoghurt, lemon curd, stewed fruit, nuts, dried fruit, coconut, cocao nibs & chia seeds). You can also brew up some warm porridge on the cold mornings and drizzle some honey or load it up with treats! 

Otherwise a simple poached egg on toasted sourdough is always a winner!

Because we love to make people feel at home, we always stock the place with baking, coffee, array of teas, basic pantry items and utensils. 

Add in a meal or platter when you book!

Enquire about meal options.


Seasonal dish with home made bread and seasonal salad. Includes dessert


Farm Style Platter

Locally sourced & home made products.


We are happy to cater to your dietary requirements.